How Do You Track User Behaviour?

How do I track a user?

Session Recordings By far the easiest and best way to track user behavior is to actually see users interacting with the app.

User session recordings enable you to do just that, by showing you exactly how users interact with your app, from the second they launch it for the first time and until they quit..

How do I track user activity on a website?

10 Web Analytics Tools For Tracking Your VisitorsAWStats. AWStats comes pre-installed by many web hosting companies. … eLogic. eLogic provides three levels of service based on your exact needs. … Google Analytics. Google Analytics is arguably the most popular analytics package available for individual site owners. … ShinyStat. … SiteMeter. … StatCounter. … W3Counter. … W3Perl.More items…•Mar 26, 2009

How do you analyze behavioral data?

Here, we detail some key parts of the process.A step-by-step guide to behavioral analysis.Identify priority audience segments. … Clarify the current and desired customer behavior in these segments. … Use first, second and third party data to create your personas. … Take the time to truly understand the customer journey.More items…•Aug 7, 2017

By using cookies, sites can keep track of which cookie ID (and which visitor) has seen which variation of their site, so that the next time the same visitor comes back to the site, they can look up that user and make sure to serve the same variant.

How can I track a user without cookies?

5 Ways To Identify Your Users Without Using CookiesUsing the user’s IP. Using an IP address is the most obvious solution of all. … LocalStorage. A new feature of HTML5 is LocalStorage. … Canvas Fingerprinting. This method, which may seem a little far-fetched, is widely used today by major ad networks and websites. … User Behavior. … Using the ETAG.Oct 29, 2015

How does Google Analytics track user activity on website?

Steps to Track Individual Logged in UsersLogin Google Analytics and then create an Account.Create Property.Create View with User-ID enabled.Create Custom Dimensions to track user types.Modify tracking code to include user-id and custom dimensions.Create custom reports, view and analyze data.Aug 20, 2019

How do I track user activity on APP?

Best tools for tracking User Behaviour for Mobile AppsGoogle Mobile App Analytics is a free tool which you can use for Android and iOS platforms. … Mixpanel helps with tracking your mobile app and analyzing how users engage with your product to be able to re-engage them with more targeted information in the future.More items…•Jun 12, 2020

How do I track my user experience?

Measure UX With These Helpful MetricsUser Interaction With Forms. … How Users Navigate Your Website. … Usability Testing to Measure UX. … Track Page Views and Time on Page. … Run a Customer Success Survey to Measure UX. … Lean on Your Customer Service Team. … Track Page Load Speed to Measure UX.

What can I track on a website?

7 key metrics to track the success of your websiteWebsite traffic. The top level metric most webmasters obsess over is traffic—specifically, total number of visits to a website. … Traffic sources. … Bounce rate. … Top pages. … Conversion rate. … Conversion by traffic source. … Customer’s lifetime value.Mar 5, 2015

How does an app track traffic?

Google Analytics It is available in iOS, Android and many other platforms. It doesn’t matter the size of your market, how many mobile apps downloads and traffic you generate, this free tool can help you track performance seamlessly.

How do I track mobile analytics app?

Step 1: Enable app install tracking in your account. For Android. … Step 2: Update your Analytics SDK. For Android. … Step 3: Set up Custom Campaigns. Custom Campaigns are an Analytics feature that add parameters to the URL of your marketplace page where users download your app.

What are user apps?

A user installed application (UIA) is one that is installed on a computer by an end user, instead of by a corporate IT department.