Quick Answer: How Do You Delete A Text Box In Word Without Deleting The Text?

How do I delete check boxes in Word?

Removing Boxes If you want to remove multiple check boxes, highlight all of the lines you want to change.

Click on the arrow on the right side of the “Bullets” button.

From the next window, select the “None” option in the “Bullet Library” section..

How do you delete a text box in Word 2016?

Click the border of the text box that you want to delete, and then press Delete. Note: Make sure the pointer is on the border of the text box and not inside it. If the pointer is inside the box, pressing Delete will delete the text inside the text box, not the box.

In which tab of normal view the text box is not visible?

Outline tabAns.: In Outline tab of Normal View, the text box is not visible.

How do I remove a text box but keep the text in Word?

Remove all text boxes border and textsPlease apply the utility by clicking Kutools > More > Remove All Text Boxes.In the Remove All Text Boxes dialog window, please uncheck Just remove text box, and keep the text option. … After clicking OK, it will appear a dialog box to tell you how many text boxes have been removed.More items…

Why can’t I delete a text box in Word?

Clicking inside a textbox and pressing the Delete key will not delete it – only the text inside it. To delete a textbox you must click on the textbox border, then press the Delete key.

How do I remove the outline of a text box?

Remove the borderSelect the text box or shape border that you want to remove. … Under Drawing Tools, on the Format tab, in the Shape Styles group, click Shape Outline, and then click No Outline.

How do I make a text box invisible?

WordRight-click the text box that you want to make invisible. … On the shortcut menu, click Format Text Box.On the Colors and Lines tab, in the Fill section, click the arrow next to Color, and then click No Color.On the Colors and Lines tab, in the Line section, click the arrow next to Color, and then click No Color.More items…

Why is there a box around my text in Word?

The bottom line is that if the Normal style is formatted to have a box around it, then there is a good chance that all your paragraphs will have boxes around them. Check the style formatting and remove any boxes that may be associated with the style, and your problem may be immediately fixed.

How do I convert a text box to text in Word?

Follow these steps:In your document, press Ctrl+A. … Press Ctrl+C. … Open a new, blank document.Make sure the Home tab of the ribbon is displayed.Click the down-arrow under the Paste tool (at the left side of the ribbon) and choose Paste Special. … In the list of formats, choose Unformatted Text.Click on OK.Nov 1, 2018

How do I merge text boxes in Word?

Merging text boxesSelect the Object tool ( ) from the tool bar.Click on each of the text boxes you want joined. … Once all are selected, choose Text->Text Box->Merge Vertically to join the separate boxes into one. … Once joined, text will flow as a single column and the results should look better.

How do I remove text formatting in Word?

Clear formatting from textSelect the text that you want to return to its default formatting.In Word: On the Edit menu, click Clear and then select Clear Formatting. In PowerPoint: On the Home tab, in the Font group, click Clear All Formatting .

How do I change the color of a text box in Word?

Change the text colorSelect the shape or text box.On the Drawing Tools Format tab, click Text Fill > More Fill Colors.In the Colors box, either click the color you want on the Standard tab, or mix your own color on the Custom tab.

How do I insert text without moving text in Word?

Open the Word document and scroll to the section with the line. … Click the Insert tab, then click the “Text Box” button. … Click inside the text box to type any text you want above the line.Handwrite any text you want to appear above the line. … Click the orange Text Box Tools tab, then click the “Shape Outline” menu.

How do I unlock a text box in Word?

Click Popular, and then select Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box. 4. Click on the Protect Document Tab select Restrict Formatting and Editing 5. Click the Stop Protection Button Page 3 How to “unlock” a Word Form The form is now unlocked and can be edited in anyway.

Can you make a text box transparent in Word?

Use the Transparency slider to adjust how transparent you want the Text Box to be. (If you want the Text Box to be fully transparent, slide the control all the way to 100%. You can also make it fully transparent by clicking the No Fill radio button.) At the left side of the dialog box click Line Color.