Quick Answer: How Do You Hide A Table In Word?

How do I hide table borders in Word?

To turn them off, select the table and then press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+U.

Or right-click the border, choose Borders And Shading from the context menu, and then click None in the Settings section on the Borders tab..

Can you hide table columns in Word?

You can hide a column in Word, all it takes is a little trickery. Sometimes you want to hide a table column in a Word document but according to Microsoft you can’t do it.

How do I hide a table in Word 2010?

Step 1: Open the Word document containing the table for which you want to hide the gridlines. Step 2: Click anywhere inside the table. This is necessary to display the table-specific menus in the ribbon at the top of the window. Step 3: Click the Design tab at the the top of the window, under Table Tools.

How do I shade alternate rows in Word table?

Apply color to alternate rows or columnsSelect the range of cells that you want to format.Click Home > Format as Table.Pick a table style that has alternate row shading.To change the shading from rows to columns, select the table, click Design, and then uncheck the Banded Rows box and check the Banded Columns box.

How do I GREY out a table in Word?

Remove shading from a tableSelect the cells you want to change. To select an entire table, click in the table, and then click the Table Move Handle in the upper-left corner. … On the Table Tools Design tab (the Table Tools Layout tab in OneNote), click the Shading menu.Click No Color.

Why does my table disappear in Word?

This usually occurs because when you click and drag across a row, you may have selected only the cells in the row, not the entire row. To select the entire row, you must also select the invisible end-of-row marker.

How do I put a border on a none table?

8 Answers. Just collapse the table borders and remove the borders from table cells ( td elements). Without explicitly setting border-collapse cross-browser removal of table cell borders is not guaranteed. The HTML attribute for the purpose is rules=none (to be inserted into the table tag).

How do you unhide rows in Word?

Here’s how to unhide rows:Select the rows before and after the hidden rows (rows 2 and 4 in our example).Right-click the selected row headers and pick Unhide Rows.

How do I collapse a table row in Word?

Collapse or expand parts of a documentPlace your cursor in the heading.On the Home tab, click the arrow in the Paragraph group.In the Paragraph dialog box, click the checkbox next to Collapsed by default.Click OK.

How do you change the color of the lines in a table in Word?

Add or change the line colorClick the table or select the cells where you want to add or change borders.On the Tables tab, under Draw Borders, click the arrow next to Line Color. , and then click the line color that you want.On the Tables tab, under Draw Borders, click the arrow next to Borders.

Why wont word let me insert a table?

Method 1: Clear the Specified Row Height To begin with, click the plus sign on the upper-left corner of the table to select the whole table. Then right click and choose “Table Properties”. In “Table Properties” dialog box, clear the “Specify height” box. And click “OK” to save the change.