Where Are Apple Backups Stored?

Where does Mac Store iPhone backups?

Locate iPhone or iPad Backups on a Mac On Mac OS X, you can find iPhone or iPad backups created by iTunes (macOS 10.14 or earlier) or Finder (in macOS 10.15 or later) in ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync .

Each backup is stored in a separate folder named with a long string of random letters and numbers..

How do I find my backups?

You can back up and restore the following items on your Pixel phone or Nexus device: Apps. Call History. Device Settings….Find and manage backupsOpen the Google Drive app.Tap Menu. Backups.Tap on the backup you want to manage.

Where are iPhone backups stored?

Here’s how to find your iCloud backups on your iOS or iPadOS device, Mac, or PC. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Using iOS 11 or later and iPadOS, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups.

Does iCloud delete old backups?

The iCloud automatically backs up all the data from iPhone, iPad and even Mac devices regularly. … So, if your iCloud storage space is full and you do not want to pay additional charges to buy more space, then deleting old backups and data can help.

How long are iPhone backups kept?

180 daysOnly states that Apple may not hold your Backup for longer than 180 days. So for anything less than 180 days.. assuming your device is connected to WiFi on a fairly regular basis.. you should have multiple Restore Points to choose from.

How do I change where my iPhone backup is stored on my PC?

Enter %APPDATA%\Apple Computer\MobileSync and press ⏎ Enter . The Explorer window that opens will show a folder named “Backup”. This contains any iTunes backups which are already present on the computer. In order to change the backup folder’s location, this folder must be renamed, moved or deleted.

Will deleting backup delete everything?

A: The short answer is no—deleting your old iPhone backup from iCloud is completely safe and won’t affect any of the data on your actual iPhone. In fact, even deleting the backup of your current iPhone won’t have any impact on what’s actually on your device.

How do I find old iPhone backups?

Here’s how to check your backup’s progress:Tap Settings.Tap iCloud.Tap Storage.Tap Manage Storage.Select your device. iOS will show you details about when it was last backed up, and the backup file size.Sep 13, 2016

Where are iCloud backups stored?

Here’s how to find your iPhone backups with iCloud.Click System Preferences from your Dock or the Apple icon in the top menu bar.From there, select “iCloud.” Click iCloud in System Preferences. … Click “Manage…” … Select “Backups” from the menu to see your iPhone backups stored in iCloud.Sep 27, 2019

How do I retrieve my backup from iCloud?

If you are on Mac computer, directly click the download button to get into it.Step 1Running iCloud Data Recovery and Log in iCloud. Select Recover from iCloud backup mode and sign in your iCloud account. … Step 2Select and Download iCloud Data. … Step 3Scan and Download iCloud Data. … Step 4Preview and Restore What You Want.

How long do iPhone backups last?

When your device is backed up in iCloud, you can easily set up a new device or restore information on one you already have. To let iCloud automatically back up your device, here’s what you need to do. If you disable or stop using iCloud Backup, your last backup is stored for 180 days.

What is backed up in iCloud backup?

What Does iCloud Backup Include?App data.Apple Watch backups.Device settings.Home screen and app organization.iMessage, text (SMS), and MMS messages.Photos and videos on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.Purchase history from Apple services, like your music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books.Ringtones.More items…

Does iPhone Backup save photos?

An iTunes backup will save nearly everything on the iPhone including pictures on the camera roll, just as long as the photos were not downloaded from the computer but taken directly from the iPhone’s camera. For more info on backups, see About backups for iOS devices.

How many iPhone backups does iCloud keep?

one backupPart 1: How Many Backups Does iCloud Keep Usually, an Apple iCloud saves only the recent backup. Which means it can keep only one backup at the time. However, each time you perform a backup, your device/ iOS merges the older backup with the new one. In this way, it saves all the data.

How can I access my iPhone backup without iTunes?

Steps to access and view iTunes backup on computerStep 1: Install and run iSunshare iOS Data Genius on Windows computer. … Step 2: Select the second way “Recover from iTunes Backup File”. … Step 3: Choose the proper iTunes backup file from list. … Step 4: Access and view iTunes backup file on program.More items…

Can I merge two iPhone backups?

Answer: A: You can’t merge iCloud backups. You could create a current backup of your phone, then restore the backup of your old phone to it and save any data you want to keep, the restore it again to the current backup.

Does Apple keep old backups?

Backups are overwritten by default. If you use iTunes on a Mac you can ‘archive’ a backup to preserve it (right click a list item in iTunes Preferences > Devices). On Windows iTunes you have to manually find the backup folder & rename it before it is overwritten.